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This is the first year that I have had Veteran’s day off!  YEAH!  So my daughter and I spent some time shopping and playing (at the playground).  Here are the deals we scored, pretty good!

Toys R Us

This was my favorite shop, because I ALWAYS need kids toys for birthday parties, etc.  So I decided to stock up.  Toys R Us currently has a selection of Hasbro Games on sale for $3.99.  PLUS, there is a mail in rebate at the store for many of the games, making the games$1.99 after rebate.  Then on top fo the rebate, Toys R Us will give you a $10 gift card for spending $25 on Hasbro games.  WHAT A DEAL!  I ended up spending $59.49 oop for $139.36 in merchandise.  If you add in the rebate and gift cards, I spent $17.49 oop (87% Savings)!  Plus now I have cool games to give as gifts to my daughters friends.  Here is what I got ( I did break it into two transactions to getwo gift cards:

2 CandyLandToys r us 11-11-09

2 Chutes & Ladders

2 Cooties

1 Don’t Break the Ice

1 Ants in the Pants

1 Don’t Spill the Beans

5 Memory Games (Disney Princess, Toy Story, Strawberry Shortcake, Pooh & Friends, etc.)


I also had a great time at Target with two deals that I REALLY wanted to cash in on.  I was able to score $57.71 in merchandise for $17.61, a 70% savings.  Here is what I got:

1 Barbie & Three Musketeers DVD (used $5 Target Q + $5 Barbie + one other Barbie Movie, then I priced matched to Toys R Us ad).Target 11-11-09

1 Barbie Christmas Carol DVD

4 Glade Candle Tins (used $2/2 found in containers)

4 Glade Candle Refills (used 4 Free Item, wyb Candle holders)

4 Boxes of “UP” Wipes (used 4 $1/1 Target Q)

$1 Bin Book

Then, I got a $5 gift card for the Glade Holiday candle purchase, so when I went to CS to price match, I used that to pay down the balance on the movies.  In the end I have two moves that cost more than my oop total!  YEAH!


I have SO many groceries that I really have not been grocery shopping lately, but I decide to try to find the Tylenol (rumored to be free – NOT so).  I also wanted to cash in on the Real Simple MIR.  I spent $6.16 oop for $22.33 in groceries.  Here is what I bought:

6 packages of Nestle Tollhouse Refridgerated Cookie DoughPublix 11-11-09

1 Bag Public Pretzels

The mail in rebate will send me $5 back, so I paid for the cookies and make a little money too!


Today and yesterday I stopped by a couple of stores.  In fact, I shopped Target while in Maimi…you can coupon wherever you are!  You can also coupon without a lot of time.  Most people I have spoke to think it takes HOURS to get the deals.  You can have small, short trips that add up.  Most of my deals today were small quanities and took VERY little time at the store.


I really did not need much from the grocery store this week, but I did want to cash in on a few of the deals (literally).  I spent $12.16 oop for $43.48 worth of groceries.  Here is what I bought:Publix 10-27

2 Planters Mix Nuts (BOGO)  (used $1/2 Q)

2 Granny Smith Apples (Used $1 on produce)

3 Bananas

3 Ritz Crackerfuls (used BOGO wyb Ritz crackers)

6 Ritz Crackers (BOGO) (used $1/2 Q)

Not only did I snag these deals for 73% Savings…but now I can submit for the Keep Jingle in Your Holidays Rebate…I will get $10 for the stuff I bought. So, when you factor the rebate in, I only spent $2.16 for all the above.  Pretty good in my opinion. (Note the nuts are not pictured).


CVS has not been so great lately…not like the summer when I was raking in the ECBs.  This week I had the $5/$25 purchase and I needed TP, so I decided to make it work.  The save $5 on $25 purchase can be great cause you can really rake in the deals, especially when you buy a bunch of “free” stuff and use the $5 to pay for an item….such as TP.  Some were laughing at me today with my testing kit (that I don’t need), but I will donate it.  One of the things I like to do with all this great stuff is give back.  Over the summer with all the great back to school deals, CVS was practically giving away the supplies.  I went each week and got what I could for free.  Just before school started, I donated all of the supplies to the United Way backpack program.  I will do the same with the blood sugar kits and some other great stuff.  If feels great to be able to give back!  I ended up spendng $10.63 OOP for $90.46  worth of goods.  Here is what I bought:CVS 10-28

12 Roll CVS TP (toliet paper)

Neosporin Lip Health ($2.50 Instant Q, plus $3/1 Manuf. Q)

4 Cambells Tomato Soup (2 $1/2 Q’s)

1 Sonic Spin Brush

Nova Max Kit

I also used a $6.99 ECB I had remaining in addition to the $5/$25 purchase.  I ended up with an additional $11.99 in ECB’s, so I ended up making money on the deal!

Toys R Us

This was a fun shop because I don’t normally have such great coupons for this store.  Unfortunately I ended ToysRUs 10-27up taking my daughter with my so my plan for stashing the items for xmas did not work as planned.  Here is what I bought:

1 Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (used $10/1 Q from here– note you can buy the Blu-Ray/DVD)

1 Tinkerbell Doll (25% off)

2 Small Tinkerbell dolls (BOGO)

1 Fairies Lantern (free with $40 fairy purchase)

I also used a $5/$25 purchase Q.  My total oop was $29.62 for $66.76 in merchandise. I think for Toys R Us, that is a GREAT deal (considering the movie regular price is $29.99), plus it was Tinkerbell merchandise!!


I had a TON of fun at Target, I LOVE when they give me stuff for FREE!  I shopped Target while I was in Miami, no coupons but the dollar bins were 50% off Green dot items!  So I bought a few items, including books, nail kits and socks – always great stocking stuffers and small gifts.  Also, if you are not aware Target will price match a competitors ad.  THEY ARE GREAT about it.  You just bring the ad and they will ring your items up.  You have to complete the price match transaction at guest services, but they are really great about it.  While at Target, I spent $14.49 OOP for $97.54 worth of groceries and merchandise.  Here is what I bought:

3 Kelloggs Apple Jacks (Price Match to CVS ad – 2/$4, plus Target $1/1 Kellogs Q and $1/1 Manuf. Blinkie)Target 10-27

3 Kelloggs Fruit Loops  (Price Match to CVS ad – 2/$4, plus Target $1/1 Kellogs Q and $1/1 Manuf. Blinkie)

Renuzit Air Freshner

2 Care Bear Socks

3 Sesame Street Books

2 Pedicure Sets

2 Airwick Ultra Freshmatic – (on Rollback for $5.99 from $13.99, used $6/1 Q)Target 10-28

4 Febreeze Holiday Scents – on sale for $4.99, used $4/1 Q

8 Pk Notecards

2 Sets gift bags (birthday party coming soon!)

Ice Pack

Abbey Cadaby Bucket

2 Foaming Hand Soap

3 AAA Batteries (used 3 $1/1 Q’s)

6 Keebler Cookies (Target Promo – Buy 2 Get 1 Free, plus used 3 $1/1 Target Keebler Q’s, plus 2 $1/1 Manuf Q’s and 2 $1.50/2 Manuf. Q’s)

Overall my savings were $86%.  The best part was ringing up the cereal and my total was $0.00!!!!  I still hope to shop Walgreens and Wal-mart this week.  I will let you know if I find any great deals.