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I couldn’t resist it…I had to get some more great shopping in today.  I said I was just going to do things around the house, but the deals were hard to pass up.  Plus my “mop” broke and I desperately needed a new one.  So I decided to head out to Target and Publix to grab a couple of things.  My total oop today was $47.37 (which included $18.65 for a new Swiffer Mop – since the handle on my old one was done) for a total of $152.65 in groceries and merchandise.

At Publix I spent $24.74 oop, for $99.88 in groceries (a 75% savings).  Here is what I got:


2 Sunday Port St Lucie PapersPublix 11-1-09

1 Sunday Palm Beach Post (can you believe they are $2…)

1 lb Bananas

Rubbermaid “Tupperware” (On sale for $1.91, used the $1/1 printable Q)

2 Mur Glenn Tomato Sauce (Used 2- $1/1 (overage of $0.11, plus used the $4/4 GM Q)

1 Bag Publix Corn

2 – Pillsbury Simply Cookie Dough (used 2- $1.25/1, plus used the $4/4 GM Q)

1 box Hefty garbage Bags (used $1/1)

8 Boxes Uncle Bens Rice (used 4 -$1/2)

1 Publix Gallon OJ

12 Boxes of Cheez-Its (used 6- $1.50/2)

4 Bags Green Giant Vegetables (1- $0.50/1 and 3-$0.40/1, plus the $4/4 GM Q)

In addition to the above coupons, I also used the $5 off $50 from Albertson’s (which is why I bought so many Cheeze-Its).  The $4/4 GM coupon actually gave me overage of $2.72 (because I stacked Manufacturer’s coupons with it).  I also did two transactions to take advantage of the GM deal twice.  I have to say this is a tricky coupon and I did not want to push it, but they were nice and let me do the deal twice.  I also checked with Customer Service when I entered the store and she told me ANY product by GM.  Once I was checking out the cashier had to call CS on the second order (too many coupons for # of products) and she argued with me that is was for cereal.  Eventually the Assistant Store Manager came out, gave it to me and we spoke about the products.  In the end, she thanked me for telling her about all the products and how to verify if it is a GM product! I LOVE PUBLIX.


I REALLY needed a way to clean my floors…so I decided Target was in the mix today.  Target does have a deal if you buy two products (Bounce, Swiffer Mop, Tide, etc) you will get a $5 gift card.  I did not need any of the other stuff, so I just stuck to the one item.  I also had a NOT so GREAT cashier experience.  She tried to tell me that I could not use a Manufacturer Q with a Target Q to make the product free.  Instead of arguing with her (there was a TON of people), I went to customer service after I paid.  I know (for a fact) that you can use a manufacturer Q and Target Q in the same transaction and get an item for free.  I have phoned Guest Services and been told that (i was also emailed their policy- which unfortunately most cashiers have no idea how it works).  So you know, you can read the FULL POLICY here.  So once I got to Customer Service they had to call the manager and low and behold I found a Manager that knows his stuff!!  (FYI – Young Guy at the Tradition Target).  He gave me ALL my coupons plus the overage – I was only asking for the items for free! YEAH.  So I ended up spending $22.63 oop, for $52.77 in merchandise.  Keep in mind that the Swiffer ALONE was $18.65, so all in all I though it was a great purchase.  Here is what I got:

1 Swiffer Floor Mop KitTarget 11-1-09

1 Swiffer Refill (Buy Kit get Free Refill Qt, )

2 packages of Wonka Candy (used 2 – $1/1)

2 Package of Halloween Kraft Marshmallows (clearance for $0.52, used Target Q $1/2) – TOTAL of $0.04

1 Bag of Purina Cat Food (used $2/1 Manufacturer Q + $1/1 Target Q)

4 – GE Smart Energy Light Bulbs (Used $2/1 Target Q + $1/1 Manuf. Q) – this is the one the cashier would not ring

2 Kraft Marshmallows (used $1/2 Target Q)

The light bulbs ended up giving me a total overage of $2.44 – THIS IS VERY UNIQUE for Target.  Normally they do not allow overage.  Personally, I think he just wanted to get rid of me since my child was making such a scene 🙂


This morning I was able to shop Wal-Mart, Target and Publix….thank goodness I had a list and pile of coupons already sorted or it would have taken forever.  Overall I saved 73%, spent $47.44 oop for $172.53 in products.  My breakdowns are below:


Publix 10-14-09 2

This week was a slow week for me because I have SO much food.  I was not able to cash in on the Knorr Sides deal (if you had the $0.40/1 and the Unilever coupon you could have almost free sides).  I did however snag the following for $10.54 oop

14 Cans of Hunts Diced Tomatoes (Used $1/4 Blinkes + Albertson’s buy 10 get 3 free)

4 Bags of Veggies Lovers Fresh Express Salad (Used Albertson’s buy one get two free)

1 Bag of Snyder’s Mini Pretzels (FSM Magazine $1/1 + $0.75 Manu)

6 Boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes ($1/2 – mailed coupons or flyer)


Target 10-14-09

Target could have been better, but still overall it was a good trip. I spent $9.70 oop for $26.38 in products.  Here is what I got:

Mossimo Flip-Flops Regular $10 on clearance for $2.48

Xhiliration Flip-Flops, regularly $5.00 on clearance for $1.74

2 Wonka Gummy Candies (Used Target $1/1 q)

2 Halloween Oreo Cookies (Used Target $1/2 Halloween Oreos + $1.50/1 Oreo & 1 Milk-2 of these)

1 Market Pantry Milk


Walmart 10-14-09 2

Wal-mart was good to me today.  I normally do not shop Wal-mart because of all the great deals elsewhere, but there were too many to pass up, specifically the AirWick Ultra Starter Kits for $6.  I spent $27.20 oop for $97.20 in products.  I did have to pick up a few things without q’s so the oop is a bit higher than I wanted, but the stuff was still the cheapest here. Here is the breakdown:

2 Season-All Seasonings ($1/1 q)

3 Hormel Chili (new jar chili) ($2/1 – All You October)

Disposal Care (Found $0.50/1 peelies on product)

Cascade Action Packs ($1/1)

Downy Dispenser (no q)

2 Muessleman Applesauce – Healthy Fruit ($1/1)

5 Hefy One Zip Travel Bags ($1/1 q’s)

2 Wet Ones Travel Size Wipes ($1/1)


2 Klondike Ice Cream Tacos ($1/1)

2 White Clous TP ($1/1)

3 Kotex Liners ( $1/1 – All You October)

Clorox ReaxdyMop Refils

4 Hormel Completes Meals ($2/1 All You October)

3 – All You October Magazines ($50/1 – All You August)

6 Schick Disposable Razor Value Pack ($2/1)

4 Airwick Freshmatic Starter Kit ($6/1)