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So I thought I might talk about some basics, since more and more of you are getting involved.

1. Don’t bend the rules.  Be VERY vigilant about the coupon rules and products.  The cashiers and managers will give you TONS more respect and will even go the extra mile.  Plus, it only takes a few to ruin it for everyone.  Coupon Pantry 2

2.  If you are only saving 10, 20 or 30% at first – BE HAPPY!  You should pat yourself on the back and be happy with your savings.  The savings you see on this site or other coupon sites can be misleading.  First, we have couponing for a while and have LARGE stockpiles.  I only buy what I think are great deals each week.  Other than staples like milk, juice and fruit, I could probably go for months without going grocery shopping.  Just to show you…look at the picture of my pantry (and that is just dry groceries – I have other stashes)

3. Pick your cashiers and stores wisely.  Not all stores and cashiers are coupon friendly (just yesterday I was harrassed by a cashier for using a coupon).

4. DONATE DONATE DONATE.  I buy stuff all the time that I can donate.  Even if it is not something I would normally use.  By watching the ads and clipping coupons, you can often get things for free that others would gladly accept.  I love that I can help out by donating food, glucose monitoring kits, personal hygene products and expired coupons (military bases accept up to 4 months after expiration date).  So when you are buying, think of who else may be able to benefit from the deals you are reading about.

5. Have fun!  I do this to save money, but most of all i REALLY enjoy it.  It would not be as much fun if I was not sharing my successes with my friends and giving things away!