Yes, can you believe it?  I managed to get in some GREAT shops today while taking my daughter to a few events.  I spent $15.50 OOP for $80.68 worth of goodies, a 81% Savings.  Here is what I picked up:

12 Cans Progresso Black BeansHalloween Shop 10-31-09

3 Boxes of Fruit Loops

3 Boxes of Apple Jacks

4 Febreeze Air Freshners (Holiday Scents)

9 kids socks

1 Kids Mittens

6 Sets of Thank You Cards/Note Cards

4 Packages of Quaker Oats

1 Package of Nail Polish

2 Camisoles

1 refrigerator Note Pad

I also have $5 RR to use at Walgreens for next time.  I stopped at Target, Publix (twice) and Walgreens.  I did have issues with the $4/4 GM Products at the last Publix and had to ask for the Manager.  She approved it, but I still caught LOTS of attitude from the cashier.  Funny how one Publix they thought it was great, the next one the Cashier treated me like a thief.  Just goes to show, make friends with the cashiers and stick to those cashiers!

There are a TON of deals to work the $4/4 Publix coupon.  Go here, to see a list of all General Mills products.  All you have to do it buy 4 and make sure they are over 5 oz…and you can use the Q.  You can also stack the Publix coupon with manufacturer coupons to make the deal sweeter!  Now is the time to stock up!!!!