Getting started with coupons does not have to be complicated.  I know it may seem confusing or complicated with stacking coupons, BOGO coupons and the many other combinations that allows us to get free or REALLY cheap products, but it does not have to be.

5 Steps to Getting Started

1. Start saving the Sunday inserts and buy multiple copies of the paper to get more coupons.  By having more than one coupon for a product, you can take advantage of many BOGO deals.  Having multiple coupons also allows you to stock up when the items are at the lowest price point, saving money.  Most items go on sale every 6-12 weeks, some more frequently, some less frequently.  Buy enough to get you through 2 months to start.

2. Plan ahead.  Browse this site and others to check out the match-ups.  Pull/clip your coupons in advance and work from a list.  It will make life MUCH easier once you are in the store.

3. Start off small.  At first it is overwhelming to try and get all the deals.  This will take time and experience.  You will learn what cashiers are better with coupons, what stores are easier to work with and how you handle handing over coupons to the cashiers.  I would NOT recommed just handing them a big stack, you will almost always lose out on some coupons (they get stuck together, machine doesn’t ring it, etc).

4. Start saving what you can.  When I first started, I was happy to save 20-30% (or anything for that matter).  Yes, you see our site and others routinely saving upwards of 70%, but also remember we have been doing this for a while.  We have LARGE stockpiles to work from at home and often do not need to buy groceries, we only buy what is on sale that we need to stock up on.

5. Have Fun.  The thing I enjoy most about couponing is that it is a hobby for me.  Yes it started as a way to save money on groceries, but soon my competitive spirt took over and now I enjoy the “hunt.”  I love being able to bring you items that you can get for free or really cheap!

If you have questions, send me an email southfloridasavings @ gmail .com (remove the spaces).